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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  November 20, 2014 5:00am-5:31am PST

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welcome to nhk world "newsline." i'm gene o tani in tokyo. here's a look at stories we're following. u.s. officials adopted a resolution announcing human rights vie laces. u.n. says thousands are joining militant groups in iraq and syria. it is urging global leaders to do more to stop it. and as countries around the
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world increase terror alerts, tokyo conducted a drill to make transportation system less as a rule unusual to terror attacks. thousands ar the fukushima plant are seeking help. the u.n. human rights committee has adopted a regional medical center lugs denouncing human rights violations. four officials have responded by threatening more nuclear tests. they issued a statement thursday and condemning japan and european union for submitting the resolution that zpriebs human rights violations in the nation as crimes against humanity. it calls for hit to be referred to international criminal court so those responsible can be brought to justice. they say this is causing them to
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no longer refrain from conducting the nuclear tests. north korea has conducted three nuclear tests in the past. analysts say calls to the leader jong-un would be voiced in the international community. government officials in washington are condemning the threat. >> it would be unfortunate to threaten with that kind of activity in response to the legitimate focus on north korea's human rights situation by the international community. >> key says north korea officials must take steps toward nuclear disarmament. he's calling for six party nuclear talks to resume. the u.n. security council has reaffirmed the need for global cooperation in the fight against terrorism. more than 50,000 have joined islamist extremist groups in
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syria and iraq. 60 parties took part in the discussion on wednesday. >> the threat of foreign fighters and extremism, they are also political challenges. >> u.n. secretary general moon expressed concern so many foreigners are drawn to islamic militant groups despite global anti-terrorist measures. australia's u.n. ambassador stress had the the militants earn huge revenues from crude oil smuggling and ransom payments. he added they seized heavy weaponry from the forces. a younger group of people are joining the islamic militant groups. member states are urged to share information that would help prevent aspiring fighters from traveling to the area. it seeks cooperations and efforts to cut off the
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militant's heavy knew sources. leaders from countries around the world are concerned about the increasing risk of terror attacks. england and australia raised their terror alert levels. their stepping up preparedness ahead of the olympics in tokyo. we report from the front lines of the city's efforts to ramp up protection. >> reporter: men in heavy hazmat suits carrying several injured persons out of a subway station. looks like the scenes of a scifi movie. it's a real drill. the tokyo government has just began a massive drill with about 300 people simulating a terror attack on the subway system.
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the drill took place thursday in tokyo assuming an attack on the subway system. officials are thinking about the attack on the system 20 years ago. the gas was release into packed trains. 13 people died and more than 6,000 were injured. a lack of knowledge about the poison gas and insufficient cooperation among various organizations presented challenges during the crisis. ten divisions of firefighters, ground forces took part in the drill. station staff guided commuters to the exit. firefighters in hazmat suits tried to talk to victims to see if they were conscious before carrying them outside.
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to prevent second hand contamination, rescuers decontaminate in the makeshift tent. she shower them in hot water to wash away the deadly agent. >> tokyo is drawing a lot of attention from around the world. i'm aware our city could be vulnerable to terrorists. we would like to do our best to reduce damage. >> the drill caught the eye of pass arerbies as well. >> translator: i'm relieved to know about and witness this drill. >> translator: it's not just a matter of officials. we all need to think more about how to protect ourselves. >> reporter: summer olympics and parra olympics are six years away. japan faces challenges to boost
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resistance against possible terror attacks. the city must boost awareness in officials and also each and every citizen. officials with the world health organization say the ebola epidemic continues to spread. they say the number of confirmed or suspected cases has topped 15,000 with transmission still in tents in sierra leone. the who officials say the 15,000 suspected of having the virus, 5420 have died. most cases are in guinea, liberia and sierra leone. the organization says the past week saw more than 1,000 new confirmed or suspected infections. it says the majority are in sierra leone. the country's response is lagging behind with a tenth of patients being quarantined. health officials say the information on more than half
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the patients is incomplete. the cuban doctor working in sierra leone has been infected. the doctor will be flown to geneva for trooemt who says 600 of the workers have been infected and half have died. sales are down at stores closest to homes. not talk luxury retailers but super markets. ron madison is here with more on this story. >> not just big ticket items seeing a decline. managers at super market across japan wondering when people will start spending again. they've reported a year on year end fall on revenue every since april. sales in october came to $8.8 billion u.s. officials attribute the disappointing results to bad weather. they say people spent more time
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at home to avoid typhoons and forked out less for food and other necessities. officials say higher prices are squeezing household bungts and forcing people to be selective how they spend their money. executives from japan and south korea are placing bets on a billion project. they're overseeing the work on a resort complex home to the biggest casino in south korea. executives from the game maker are working with south korean casino operator paradise. they joined officials and japan's ambassador at a ground breaking ceremony. two countries built the complex near the airport. they plan to spend $1.2 billion on the project and aiming to open in march 2017. they say it will include a larch casino, hotel and shops. it will be a less than five minutes drive from the airport
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to help attract chinese tourists. they're working to legalize casinos in time for the olympics. japanese executives hope they gain valuable experience in how to manage casinos from the south korean firm. world make areas are targeting big spenders. they've unveiled a host of high end models at the la show. they hope to cash in on surge in u.s. car sales that hit a ten year monthly high in october. >> welcome to la. >> representatives from more than 40 firms are showing off their latest products. those from germany unveiled a new mercedes benz sedan. they expect it to carry a price tag of more than $100,000. people from porsche are displaying a limited edition sports car. they're selling 100 around the world. toyota unveiled latest models and gave people at i new
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convertible property toe tooil type for their luxury brand lexus. >> the market recovered well here. there are a lot of new products entering the top end segment. this year will be a record for bmw. >> engineers incorporated i.t. technologies in their cars and equipped most with internet connectivity so passengers can use smart phones or pcs. lawmakers in the u.s. are taking a close look at accidents involving air bags made by japan corporation. the devices may be linked to a sixth fatality. the lawmakers said the possible 1i6k9 fatality occurred in 2003 in arizona. deaths in malaysia might be linked to the air bags. saferty officials believe air bags can spray metal fragments.
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this happens most often in areas the weather is hot and humid. on tuesday, the traffic and transportation safety administration plans to hold a hearing thursday. officials are scheduled to attend. investors anxious about growth prospects in the eurozone after seeing weak manufacturing data from big economies. that's putting pressure on benchmarks in the region. all are lower. frank furt losing sixth tenths of a %. here, markets are mixed. tokyo's nikkei edged up with the help of a weaker yen. moving on to currencies now. dollar at the he's level against the yen in more than seven years. right now at 118.27. we saw it almost touching 119
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yen level. many are buying the dollar and selling the yen. they think the fed will start raising interest rates next year. bank of japan will press on with easy money policy. yen is weaker against the euro 148.15. okay. that's going to do it for biz tonight. let's recap the markets.
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more than 120,000 people who once lived both inside and out side fukushima prefecture wonder when they can go home. they've been displaced since the nuclear disaster three years and eight months ago today. today we focus on the small village a, a rural area 40 kilometers northwest of the nuclear plant. government officials issued an evacuation order for people living within 20 kilometers of the facility right after the accident. they warned residents 30 to 40
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kilometers to stay indoors after that. this was outside of that zone but heavily contaminated. almost all citizens there have left their homes and unhappy with the lack of progress made in their community. nhk world reports. >> reporte >> reporter: on november 14, a group of residents filed for arbitration with the center for settlement of fukushima nuclear damage claims. the center's purpose is to mediate and dispute victims of the nuclear accident and tokyo electric power company. the claim brings together about half of the villages 6,000 residents. >> translator: our lives haven't improved at all in three years and eight months since the
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accident. we felt we had to express our anger. >> reporter: in their claim, the residents underline that unlike other areas, this wasn't evacuated immediately after the accident. they also accuse the government of knowing in advance that wind would spread radioactive particles over the village. they demand compensation for psychological suffering they endured because of prolonged exposure to radiation. they want to be compensated for what they call disruption of their lives. among the petitioners is this man that currently lives with his wife and mother in a temporary housing complex. before the accident, the family lived under the same roof with their son, his wife, and four
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grandchildren. now, most of the family lives in tokyo. they only get to meet about twice a year. he says right after the accident he left his grandchildren outside to play without knowing that radiation levels had become extremely high. >> translator: i've heard specialists say something could happen in five, seven, ten years. what will happen to the kids over the next five to ten years? nobody knows. >> reporter: he used to grow rice and vegetables on his seven hectors of land.
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the property that fed his ancestors lies heavily contaminated with the radioactive particles. >> translator: this is not about the money. we've lost absolutely everything, is and we have no idea where we're headed. how long will it take to get it back to what it was? ten years? 20 years? >> reporter: tepco officials say they will sincerely consider e claim following the procedure. the residents hope they will shed light on the tepco responsibility and help the families get their lives back in order. nhk world. members of the conservation group sea shepherd have issued a warning to japanese research
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whalers and say they'll obstruct any ships that return to the and arctic ocean. the group was responding to a plan. the fishery's minute ri says they'll revise the program and resume late next year. one change is the cut of two thirds in the number of whales the ships can catch. sea shepherd members say the size of the quota is not the issue. the point is whether everyone upholds the rule of law. they plan to meet the media later this week and plan how they'll obstruct the ships. the sbesh national court of justice declared march to put the antarcticing whaling to a stop. judges ruled the program was not meeting scientific criteria. the fleet is not going to the art arctic this year. police have arrest add two men suspected of murdering the honduras beauty queen and her
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sister. maria jose alvarado and her 23-year-old sister sofia went missing after attending a party in santa barbara. police discovered their bodies buried along a river bank 20 kilometers from the scene of the party. they detained sofia's boyfriend and alleged accomplice. the boyfriend is quoted saying he became angry when he saw sofia dance with another man and got in an argument with her. he shot her head and then shot his sister when she tried to flee. honduras has the highest murder rate for a country not a war with 190,000 killings in 2010. people living in beijing are seeing smog return. they had been hoping the clear
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blue skies that marked last week's apec summit would stay. they're once again living under hazardous air quality levels. they restricted the number of vehicles in the city center and ordered factories to suspend operations during the summit. people dubbed the sky apec blue. the leader expressed hope the air would stay. >> some people call the skies these days apec blue. it's beautiful but temporary. it will be gone soon after the apec meeting. i hope and believe the apec blue will be here to stay. >> however, his plans seemed to fail. city officials lifted the measures after the summit. a thick blanket began to cover the capital. the density of the fine particles were over 15 times the world health organization
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recommended level. some users in the country are criticizing the country. others say the leaders wanted to save their faces and not the health of people. we have more on this story. our meteorologist joining us with the current situation in beijing. >> yes. the condition in beijing is little better compared to what we saw wednesday. still air quality index is at the hazardous level. unfortunately staying that way into your friday but a bit of improvement into the weekend. winds are picking up. in shanghai, you'll see the smoggy conditions worsening over the weekend. that will affect those people with respiratory problems. across peninsula staying dry. we have a fire alert posted. if you use fire, watch out. a heavy snow maker is moving over china and south eastern russia. some could reach the western
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parts of alcado by friday. rain is falling over the south of the country region including tokyo. that should go away adds we go to tomorrow. down to the south, rain is lingering of the peninsula. another batch of heavy rain sound over have i sri lanka. we have a system in the next three days or so. the ground is well saturated. flooding landslides will be a big concern. as opposed to that dry weather for most of india into the region, the cold wave is blanketing the northern areas. now we have some picture to show you the situation up there. it was engulfed with dense fog thursday morning as temperatures tumbled in the region. lows fell to 1 below 0 celsius. the lake was full of the clouds.
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many people were on the water. many had to stay indoors because of intense cold weather. temperatures stay quite low next three days. below freezing or near sunday. during the daytime hours, nearly 15 degrees. big change in the morning and daytime hours. big difference in islamabad as well. this weather continues into sunday is. across the united states, we have been reporting a historic storm system dumping tremendous amounts of heavy snowfall. some areas nearly 170 centimeters snowfall over the past couple of days. more to come. nearly 60 centimeters into the end of thursday. they'll combine with gusty conditions. that could provide whiteout conditions and dangerous wind chill values. snow will continue into your friday in places like buff low
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and grand rapids. meanwhile in toronto, sunny weather has returned. cold weather will persist. some animals are enjoying the cold weather and also snowy weather. look at this video. if you've ever wondered if pandas like the snow, this answers that question. this giant panda happily played in the wintery weather sliding down the hill several times. very cute. here's the extended forecast.
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wine lovers from around japan have been waiting impatiently for this thursday. visitors at a hot spring resort near tokyo enjoyed this year in a unique way. it arranges baths at a spa where 12 bottles have been added. the beauty queen from the region poured the wine into the spa. bathers scooped up the red tinged hot spring water to enjoy aroma while others rubbed it on their faces and bodies. they also drank a few glasses of the wine. >> i feel my entire body is dyed wine red. i'm very happy. that's "newsline" for this
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hour. i'm gene otani in tokyo.
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critics here are our top our top the second jihadist in the beheading video is confirmed to be a frenchman. the news has shocked the public. plans for more jewish settlements in the west bank sparked palestinian anger in a region already on the edge. the head of the company that operated south korea's ill-fated ferry is sentenced to 10 years in prison after his manslaughter conviction over the disaster that left more than 300 dead.


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